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Job search coaching for a guaranteed salary hike.

Personalised assistance, done-for-you networking and job applications. A complete support system enhanced by AI, ensuring a 2x faster job switch.

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Nxtjob career coaching helped people get a job in AmazonNxtjob career coaching helped people get a job in BMWNxtjob career coaching helped people get a job in GoogleNxtjob career coaching helped people get a job in BoschNxtjob career coaching helped people get a job in P&GNxtjob career coaching helped people get a job in Larsen & Toubro

Reject subpar salaries

According to the Michael page recruitment report , 98% of professionals were willing to switch jobs in 2023 but only 23% were successful. Why?

Job search is a full-time job

Balancing a demanding job and an overwhelming boss leaves no time for lengthy job applications, resume customization, and consistent networking.

Job search is soul-crushing

98% of job applications never get a response, 60% get auto-rejection emails. Most prefer the comfort of a lower salary than the constant rejection of a job search.

The recruitment black box

Submitting 100-200 applications for one job, often met with ghosting instead of feedback, erodes confidence and prompts job seekers to give up on their search altogether.

We're hands-on, all-in

Network strategically and apply to jobs at scale without spending 100+ hours in grunt work.

Dedicated professional career coach 24x7

Dedicated associate to apply/network on your behalf

Done-for-you job search with our expert recruiter team

Mock Interview with industry experts

Self-paced learning videos to job search like a pro

AI Job Assistant to save 85% time

Weekly live sessions: resume & job search review, interview & negotiation practice

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nxtjob personal career coaching helps you get your dream job
Piyal Mukharjee shares about their journey with nxtjob that helped them for a job switch to europe

How it works

From onboarding to getting multiple job offer in just 90 days, transform your job change journey with NxtJob.

Get Started

Sign up and join an onboarding call to meet your dedicated career development coach. Get onboarded on NxtJob AI software and start saving 50 hours every week.

Upgrade and delegate your job search

As you learn to job search like a pro through self-paced learning and weekly consults, your assistant manually networks and applies to jobs under your supervision.

Get 3-5 Job Offers within 90 days

Your resume will be unrejectable, resulting in 5 times more interviews. Your interviewing skills will be upgraded, leading to more job offers. Then, its just a numbers game.

Job search mastery workshop

Learn everything you need to know to get 7-15 interview calls every week. No ads, no junk. NxtJob CEO Capt. Richik spills the beans on secrets no recruiters want you to know and shows you hacks to save more than 50 hours every week in your job search.
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capt Richic, a professional career coach to help you get a high paying job
Major Richik Sinha Roy
Certified Job consultant and Career Coach, Army Officer,
Co-founder & CEO, NxtJob

Success stories

Real people, real results! See how NxtJob transformed their careers
Dinesh Badgujar-nxtjob-review
Dinesh Badgujar

It has everything a job seeker require to edge over others in terms of job search, resume editing, interview prep. Kudos to the team

Piyal Mukherjee-nxtjob-review
Piyal Mukherjee

NxtJob's step-by-step approach and personalized tools transformed my career transition. I secured two job offers and successfully moved to Europe. Highly recommended for effective international career shifts!

Thoufic Ali Modi-nxtjob-review
Thoufic Ali Modi

There were several features where we can connect with the recruiters, resume building, linkedin profile correction and many more.

Frequently asked questions

What does career coach do?

Recognizing that no two individuals' career paths are identical, we believe in providing personalized support and guidance tailored to each professional's journey. At NxtJob.ai, we provide a dedicated mentor to help you streamline your job search to get you a job in under 90 days.

The career coach assists you in navigating your career transition by developing a tailored action plan that aligns with your current and future aspirations. From crafting resumes to job applications and mastering interviews, our dedicated support saves you time and effort, helping you land a job 2x faster!

Is it worth getting a career coach?

If you identify with any of the following:

  • Struggling to effectively showcase your skills amidst a sea of job applications.
  • Tired of not getting the deserved higher salary while seeing others who are “less talented” than you climbing the ladder faster.
  • Feeling stuck in your current career path.
  • You're 'open-minded' and looking for personalized and continuous guidance throughout your job search.
  • Seeking improved work-life balance and overall well-being.

Then you'll definitely benefit from investing in a career coach.

What is the difference between recruiter and career coach?

Career coaches specialise in getting you the job you already know you want, or helping you pinpoint what is right for you and guide you toward achieving your goals.

On the other hand, recruiters excel in sourcing suitable candidates for existing job opportunities. They match applicants with positions listed in their job listings, not the other way around.

How do I find the best career coach for me?

We've got you covered! We match and assign you with a career coach tailored to your domain, skills, experience, and specific career objectives.

Do I need professional coaching?

You can always go the DIY route, but having an experienced and dedicated mentor can help you fasten your job search, saving your time and efforts, which otherwise leads to endless frustration and feeling of stagnation. With a success rate of 82%, we've helped over 60,000 professionals get hired faster, with up to 400% hike than their current salary.