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Simplify Your Job Search with Our Google Chrome Extension
Never lose track of a dream job again. Our extension lets you save exciting roles directly from job boards, keeping your hunt streamlined.
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Supercharge Your Job Hunt with NxtJob
We're not just about mock interviews; we're about transforming your confidence and approach. Here's why NxtJob stands out
Save Jobs Faster
One-click imports from job boards or manual entry – your job applications are centralized in seconds.
Effortless Tracking
No more messy spreadsheets – track applications, set reminders, and take notes with ease.
AI-Powered Job Match
Stop endless scrolling – our AI finds 3 top-fit jobs daily, tailored to your resume and goals.
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Real-world experiences on how NxtJob streamlined their job search and helped them land their next dream job.
Dinesh Badgujar

It has everything a job seeker require to edge over others in terms of job search, resume editing, interview prep. Kudos to the team

Piyal Mukherjee

NxtJob's step-by-step approach and personalized tools transformed my career transition. I secured two job offers and successfully moved to Europe.

Thoufic Ali Modi

There were several features where we can connect with the recruiters, resume building, linkedin profile correction and many more.

Ankit Sharma

It has great feature of providing interview questions and allowing you to record answer to it. For which it provides different scores and suggestions where you are lacking.

Ravi Kant

Despite being from IIT, I was not getting job offers in the pandemic. After using NxtJob, I got 3 job offers in 3 weeks, including one from Amazon that I didn’t take.

Take Control of Your Job Search
We've built a job tracker with everything to streamline your search and nothing you don't need.
Targeted Job Search
Stop sifting through endless irrelevant results. Use Boolean operators to pinpoint the jobs that perfectly match your skills and experience.
Centralized Dashboard
Track key metrics on job applications, interview and offer conversions, accelerate your progress with weekly reports and insights on your job-search
Effortless Application Management
Banish the chaos of scattered notes and spreadsheets. NxtJob stores your applications, key contacts, and follow-up notes in one easily searchable place, so you're always prepared.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find solutions to all your queries.

How does NxtJob actually simplify my job search?

NxtJob banishes chaos and streamlines the entire process. Save jobs faster with our Google Chrome extension or quick manual entry. Track everything effortlessly in one place, get curated job matches based on your profile, and take control through a centralized dashboard.

I'm tired of messy spreadsheets! Can NxtJob really replace them?

Absolutely! NxtJob is purpose-built for efficient job tracking. See all your applications in one place, ditch those outdated spreadsheets, and effortlessly set reminders, take notes, and track your progress.

How does the Chrome extension work?

Our extension transforms your job search. Directly save exciting roles from job boards with a single click. No more lost opportunities – your hunt is always streamlined and efficient.

Can I try NxtJob without committing?

Yes! We believe in giving you the power to experience the difference before committing. That's why we offer a generous free trial. Start tracking now and see how easy your job search can be.

What's the AI-powered job match feature? Will it find the right jobs for me?

Think of it as your personalized job-finding assistant! Our AI learns from your resume and goals, then actively delivers three top-fit jobs daily. It's designed to save you hours of scrolling and focus on the roles most likely to be a great match.