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HR-Approved Resume Templates for Experienced Professional

Choose from modern, professional resume templates that beats ATS and highlight your skills. Easily customize to stand out.

ATS-FriendlyDon't let the automated systems overlook your skills!
Easy to CustomizeChange fonts, colors and spacing to personalize it for you.
Variety of LayoutsChoose between double column, single column and multi page layouts.

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We don't just help you build resumes, we help you craft them for maximum impact. AI and expert insights turn your experience into an accomplishment.

AI Feedback

Get helpful suggestions to improve your resume's language for a powerful resume.

AI Resume Writer

Showcase your skills and experience as accomplishments to impress recruiters.

ATS Score

Compare resume and job description to identify any skills or keywords that may be missing.

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Download your resume as many times as you need, for free.

Professional Templates

Best resume templates that are designed to catch a recruiter's eye and leave a lasting impression.

Customize Fonts & Colors

Make your resume stand out with a unique and personalized touch.

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NxtJob makes it simple. Your standout resume is minutes away.
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Find a template that showcases your experience perfectly.

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Get AI suggestions to make your resume clear and impactful.

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Success Stories

Real people, real results. Read how NxtJob.ai resume builder helped these individuals land their dream jobs.
Dinesh Badgujar

It has everything a job seeker require to edge over others in terms of job search, resume editing, interview prep. Kudos to the team

Piyal Mukherjee

NxtJob's step-by-step approach and personalized tools transformed my career transition. I secured two job offers and successfully moved to Europe.

Thoufic Ali Modi

There were several features where we can connect with the recruiters, resume building, linkedin profile correction and many more.

Ankit Sharma

It has a great feature of providing interview questions and allowing you to record video answer to it. For which it provides different scores and suggestions where you are lacking.

Ravi Kant

Despite being from IIT, I was not getting job offers in the pandemic. After using NxtJob, I got 3 job offers in 3 weeks, including one from Amazon that I didn’t take.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find solutions to all your queries.

What makes NxtJob's resume builder different?

NxtJob utilizes AI technology to provide personalized feedback, suggest content improvements, and even help with writing portions of your resume. This, coupled with our library of ATS-friendly templates and customization options, empowers you to create a resume that gets noticed by hiring managers.

Is there a free trial for the premium features?

While we don't currently offer a free trial, we do provide unlimited free downloads of your resume created with the free plan. This allows you to use our resume builder and see the value it offers before committing to a premium plan.

Can I upload my existing resume into NxtJob?

Absolutely! You can upload your existing resume and our AI assistant will parse the information to populate your NxtJob resume. This saves you time and ensures your valuable content is not lost.

How long does it take to build a resume with NxtJob?

The beauty of NxtJob is its speed and efficiency. You can build a professional-looking resume in minutes. Simply upload your existing content, choose a template, and leverage AI suggestions to optimize your resume.

Is my resume safe and confidential with NxtJob?

We take your privacy very seriously. NxtJob employs robust security measures to safeguard your information. Your uploaded resumes and personal details are confidential and never shared with any third party.