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95% of all Fortune 500
companies use ATS (a bot),
which rejects 85% of all resumes.
Recruiters select/reject
a resume in just 7.4 seconds
of reading it.
Many talented
professionals settle
for under-paying job.
4/5 people hesitate
to negotiate the salary
they deserve!
Layoffs and job-market
uncertainty is predicted
to intensify in 2024.
Skilled Professionals
struggle to showcase
themselves as big
companies want.
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Fast-track your job search with AI. Cut down job search time by 85% and automate your job search process with industry-leading tools.

Resume Builder

Build perfect resumes with AI in less than 10 min.

Professional Resume templates that help you stand out

Skyrocket interview chances with auto generated accomplishments

ATS score to help you beat the resume screening software

Real-time feedback on strengths and areas of improvements with resume checker

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Job Application Tracker

Effortlessly discover and apply to high-paying jobs.

Save 95% time by ditching irrelevant jobs with Boolean search

Unlock hidden high-paying jobs that others miss out on

Organize and manage your job applications in a single place

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LinkedIn Profile Optimizer

Optimize your profile in a few clicks for 10x discoverability!

Powerful AI suggestions to get 10x more search appearences of your Linkedin profile

Improve and track your progress with a personalized profile score

Seamless LinkedIn integration to expand your network

One click export of your Linkedin profile into a resume

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AI Mock Interview

Impress the HR - answer every question with clarity and confidence.

Practice AI-powered mock interviews for any company

Unlimited AI-generated questions for every job posting

Improve speech by analysing filler words and voice patterns

Receive in-depth AI feedback on body language and non verbal behavior

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Success stories

Real people, real results! See how NxtJob transformed their careers
Dinesh Badgujar

It has everything a job seeker require to edge over others in terms of job search, resume editing, interview prep. Kudos to the team

Piyal Mukherjee

NxtJob's step-by-step approach and personalized tools transformed my career transition. I secured two job offers and successfully moved to Europe. Highly recommended for effective international career shifts!

Thoufic Ali Modi

There were several features where we can connect with the recruiters, resume building, linkedin profile correction and many more.

Job search coaching

Personalized career and job coaching services to guide you at every step of the challenging job search journey.

1-on-1 Coaching

All you'll ever need to land your dream job. Get job consultation and personalized guidance from our career strategists to land your next job in 90 days. Here’s what you get -

Dedicated professional career coach 24x7

Dedicated intern to apply/network on your behalf

Done-for-you job search with our expert recruiter team

Mock Interview with industry experts

Weekly live sessions: resume & job search review, interview & negotiation practice

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Learning hub

Start your career-success journey with us. A course designed and curated by certified career coaches and experienced job consultant to get you 3-5 job offers in just 3 months.

LinkedIn strategies to get direct referrals from top companies

ATS-beating resume hacks that boost interview chances 316%

Proven job search techniques to find high paying jobs

Interview blueprint to turn any interview into a job offer

Salary negotiation secrets for Up to 4x hike

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Job search mastery workshop

Learn everything you need to know to get 7-15 interview calls every week. No ads, no junk. NxtJob CEO Capt. Richik spills the beans on secrets no recruiters want you to know and shows you hacks to save more than 50 hours every week in your job search.
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Major Richik Sinha Roy
Certified Job consultant and Career Coach, Army Officer,
Co-founder & CEO, NxtJob