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In today's competitive landscape, your online presence matters. Stand out, attract better opportunities, and build meaningful professional connections with an optimized LinkedIn profile.

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Effortless Profile Optimisation

Get your instant, personalized LinkedIn profile review directly from our easy-to-use Chrome extension.

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Improve Your LinkedIn Score

NxtJob's in-depth AI analysis pinpoints your profile's strengths and weaknesses. Get data-driven insights on completeness, and the overall impact of your headline, summary, and experience.

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Don't just blend in – stand out in a crowded market. NxtJob's AI-powered tools help you

Attract the Right Attention

Get noticed by top recruiters and employers with a finely-tuned profile. We'll guide you to highlight the skills and experience that matter most.

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Expand Your Reach

Grow your professional network with confidence. Get AI-powered connection messages and easily track connections on NxtJob.

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Measure Your Impact

Never lose track of a promising opportunity. Effortlessly track your job applications and the key connections you've made for each role.

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Success Stories

Real people, real results. Read how NxtJob.ai resume builder helped these individuals land their dream jobs.
Dinesh Badgujar

It has everything a job seeker require to edge over others in terms of job search, resume editing, interview prep. Kudos to the team

Piyal Mukherjee

NxtJob's step-by-step approach and personalized tools transformed my career transition. I secured two job offers and successfully moved to Europe.

Thoufic Ali Modi

There were several features where we can connect with the recruiters, resume building, linkedin profile correction and many more.

Ankit Sharma

It has a great feature of providing interview questions and allowing you to record video answer to it. For which it provides different scores and suggestions where you are lacking.

Ravi Kant

Despite being from IIT, I was not getting job offers in the pandemic. After using NxtJob, I got 3 job offers in 3 weeks, including one from Amazon that I didn’t take.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find solutions to all your queries.

What is NxtJob?

NxtJob is an AI-powered platform designed to help you optimize your LinkedIn profile, enhance your networking, and manage your job search efficiently.

How does NxtJob analyze my LinkedIn profile?

NxtJob's AI examines your profile for completeness, headline and summary impact, and overall structure to provide personalized optimization recommendations.

How do I install the NxtJob Chrome extension?

Visit the Chrome Web Store and search for "NxtJob." Click "Add to Chrome" and follow the instructions.

How do I improve my LinkedIn Score?

Follow NxtJob's recommendations on filling out missing sections, refining your headline and summary, and targeting relevant keywords.

Can NxtJob help me track my network as well as my job applications?

Yes, NxtJob provides a centralized space to keep track of your professional connections and the jobs you've applied for, along with relevant notes.